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Happy Freaking Halloween

What is wrong with people?  Honestly.  I’ve come into contact with more terrible people today than I have all year.  What, SERIOUSLY, is this world coming to?


First, I had a “Day of the Dead” party in Spanish class.  Afterward I was walking down the hall to go down the stairs to the exit with my friend Nathan, and he turned around and said, we can’t go down there…look.  They had taped off the bottom of the stairs and there was blood splattered all over the floor.  ALL over the floor.  Like someone just took a ketchup bottle and squirted it on the floor.  Someone had been stabbed.


So we went around to the other stairs, but still couldn’t get out because they had blocked the main entrance.  We went around the side, and there we saw a young kid on a stretcher, a fire truck, two amublances, and countless police cars.  There were police all over, and two news crews.


I know that this section of campus also has half of it as a high school (for behavoiral problem kids?).  So, it was more likely them than a college student due to the age the kid on the stretcher looked.  So, now that part of campus is closed.  What is going on with people?  So much hate and anger.


Then I stopped at the corner of two streets here in town where they sell pumpkins out of a tractor trailor.  So I popped in to buy a couple, but the person you pay wasn’t out there.  There was a girl and a guy stuffing them into their truck, and told me and this other guy that they were free and that we should hurry up and load our car before these people get back.  I said, no the sign says $1 each…meaning they DO cost something and AREN’T FREE!!  Then the guy next to me said, yea, you can’t just take them.  Then the girl said YOU can do whatever you want sir, I’m taking them!  Then he said, that’s stealing!  And I said YEA!!  And the girl said….


“What, are you trying to save the world or something?”


IGNORANT, STUPID, THEIF!!!!!!  (I didn’t say this, but thought it)


So I said, well since it’s clear that they cost something, but since no one is here, the logical thing to do is to come back.  She rolled her eyes at me.  I got in my car and left.


It brought me to tears in my car.  I mean of course I can’t save the world…but can’t I help try to make it a better place?  Why do people steal, stab people, hate, etc…  Why do we have to stare hatred in the face every day?  Why are people so ignorant?


People, God is not pleased…


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Reason’s I’m Stressed

It’s that time of year when I want to slam my head into a wall, then dig at the hole my head made until I can fit inside of it and hide from the world. 



#1   I’m in the process of withdrawing from one of my classes.  It’s too hard for a 3000 level class, and to be quite honest, it’s too time demanding.  I don’t like it and it is the main form of stress in my life right now.  Then there’s another class that I’m taking…a capstone senior class that is driving me NUTS!!! 


It’s all about going to grad school…how to apply, write an “Artist’s Statement,” a “Personal Statement,” and sooooo much more.  We have to gather letters of recommendation from professors we’ve known.  We have to put a portfolio together of different writings we’ve done over our college carreer…etc.  You might be thinking, “Oh, well that sounds useful…”  Well you are WRONG my friend.  It’s all great unless you are like me and NOT GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL.  So, I’m spending hours a day trying to find all these things to get an A in the class, and it’s all for nothing.  Stupid class.


#2   I’m having surgery in December (again).  The scheduling lady calls me and says: “Well, we were wondering if you would mind moving your date two days prior because the surgeon doesn’t feel comfortable completing the operation by himself.  He’d like another surgeon to be there.”  WHAT?!!  First of all, holy crap.  Second of all, do I now have to pay double to have ANOTHER surgeon cut me open?  And why isn’t the surgeon comfortable?  How freaking bad is it??? 


For my first surgery, I honestly wasn’t that nervous.  I made friends with all the nurses, and even let a student give me the IV (pretty big deal for me…).  I was laughing, chatting, did my hair that morning….  But this one is starting to make me nervous already!  I’m anxious, and don’t want to do it.  I’m afraid that I’ll end up limping down the aisle, or wake up with no leg.  It’s in God’s hands, but I’m still nervous.


#3   I’m getting married in July (obviously), and I’m trying to lose weight.  It’s not working so well.  I guess I need to exercise more, and eat better…it’s just really hard being around people who don’t eat well.  Everyone I know and am around doesn’t eat well, and most importantly Brent’s family.  I’m there every night practically for dinner, and it’s really hard not to eat the bad stuff.  I just want to fit into my wedding dress and look beautiful.  Then, that night after the wedding…I’m making the limo driver go to McDonald’s and I’m going to eat a…




and a…



and a…



and a….



I’m loving it…

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I woke up this morning and was cold…even with my large mouth bass flannel sheets (yes, they really are large mouth bass).  I love winter, snow, Christmas music, hot apple cider…all the things that make you feel all warm inside.  But I hate waking up cold. 


My friends Ellie and Chris came over last night…they’re getting hitched!  I’m so excited for them.  I also found out that one of my friends from high school is getting married…..ON THE SAME DAY AS BRENT AND ME!  There’s a girl from church also who chose our date.  It’s pretty frustrating.  It seems like nothing for the wedding is going my way (not to be all bride-zilla or anything). 

I wanted a December wedding, that got shot down because of my stupid (!!!!!!!) knee surgery that will be taking place.  Then, I wanted a May wedding, but Brent doesn’t think it makes much sense that close to graduation.  Then I wanted to get married on a Friday becaue it was cheaper for EVERYTHING…that and it would be a romantic evening wedding.  But that got shot down by my future in-laws and Brent because they have out-of-town guests who won’t want to travel on a Thursday (makes sense).  So…..we decided on a Saturday.  In July, a friend of mine told me that she was getting married on the same day.  She’s related to a lot of people who we’d invite, so there goes about 15 people that I wanted to be there.  And now this girl from high school who is being married by the pastor of the church my high school was a part of, whose family I also wanted to invite…so there goes 10 more people I wanted to ivite.


So 25 people (who I actually realllllllyyyy want to be there) won’t be sharing in my happiness that day because other people had to choose the same day as me.  Am I allowed to be annoyed?  Should I just suck it up and move on?  It’s frustrating.  I just want to be married.


I made my schedule for next semester, so I can totally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I have one class on MWF, and three on TR…not bad!  I’m really excited for them too.  They are all writing classes except for Spanish (which will be the death of me).  It’s weird to think that it’s already my senior year.  What’s even cooler is that two months after graduation…I’ll be married.  🙂


Fall Break was this week (Monday and Tuesday).  I worked Monday, but Tuesday was great fun.. I drove with Brent to Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He had to do some business there for work.  I took the truck and went shopping!  It was a beautiful drive and the fall colors are just amazing.  It was a good break, but I didn’t get to sleep in either days…:(  Oh well, Thanksgiving Break will be here before I know it!  We’re going to Houston for Thanksgiving!!!!!  Yay!!!!!


Okay, that’s all the randomness that’s been going on.

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Dear Taylor Kia & Orville Redenbacher

Dear Taylor Kia,


I was listening to the radio this morning…jamming; most likely singing at the top of my lungs and doing odd hand gestures and movements that make people in the car next to me stare…  Anyways, your commercial came on and being the commercial junky that I am (honest, I really am), I listened closely.  Now I usually like your commercials, sometimes think they are funny. 


But today………today you aired a commercial that was the voice of Bill Clinton and he was calling the home of John McCain.  When John McCain answered, Bill asked for Cindy.  Then John McCain got a little upset and asked who it was, then Bill asked for “that sexy Sarah”…


What is the point?  Do you get better car sales by doing this?  I wonder.  Yes, someone being able to fake the voice of a past president and a possible future one is funny, and when done tactfully, can be hilarious.  But this commercial is stupid, and degrading to both Bill Clinton, John McCain, Cindy McCain, and Sarah Palin.


I will never buy a vehicle from you mainly because I think your marketing person is an idiot for airing this commercial.



Dear Orville Redenbacher,


Your smart pop kettle corn is the best.  It’s salty and sweet at the same time, and less than 100 calories.  I stand amazed.






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A Green, Local-Conscious Wedding

Here are my attempts to make my wedding 1) affordable, 2) nice to the environment and 3) helpful to the local enconomy.


A not so fun part of the whole wedding planning is coming up with something for people to eat off of.  We decided last night (with help from a dear friend) that we would rent some china instead of buy plastic for four reasons…

1 – they are much prettier!!!!!

2 – it seriously costs JUST AS MUCH to buy plastic, then it does to rent china

3 – we will make less garbage which means less clean up (atleast on our part) and less waste for the environment!!! (Think about it, 180 people, eating off of 180 dinner plates, 180 salad plates, 180 cake plates, 180 knives, 180 forks, 180 forks again for cake, 100 coffee cups, the list keeps going on…these are all things that WON’T be thrown into a plastic garbage bag!

4 – we are supporting a local rental company, who we will rent our china and flatware from.



We will also be using linens for the table cloths and the napkins.  Again, using the cloth table coverings and using the cloth napkins creates less garbage for our environment, and is reusable, meaning lots of other couples/events can get use out of the same lines we did, all at a fair price, while keeping the waste down! 

 Our table cloths will be a cream color, and the napkins will be peach (our colors are peach and green).  It’s going to look beautiful….

 OH!  And a great friend of ours told us last night that she owns the table cloths and the napkins in our colors, and will be letting us use them for free as our wedding present (among soooo many other things that she is doing)…God is really blessing us through the friends we know!


More to come as planning continues…


~275 days~

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I’m sick.

Just about everyone I know

is sick.

My best friend since Thursday night…


More to come when I am not doped up…

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Homemade Health Waffles

I have breakfast with my grandparents every Friday morning (well, when I don’t forget and sleep through it) :(.  I learn about life from them.  This morning was particularly wonderful.  My grandmother who admitted to waking up before 5 AM (!!!!!) made me homemade waffles with strawberries and cool whip on top.  It never even crossed my mind that you could.  I just buy the mix, shake it up & pour it into the pan.  ALTHOUGH……now Kroger’s makes waffles and pancakes for the toaster…premade!  Wahoo!


But really…my grandmother told me that when her kids were younger (my aunts, uncle & mom), she would make them homemade waffles if she didn’t have the mix, or if they couldn’t afford to but the mix that month.  If I couldn’t afford it, I just wouldn’t eat.  But my grandmother, she insisted on making them for her kids.  How great of a mom…


So I started to think about becoming a wife and a mom, and what I would do for my husband/kids.  I’ll have to work on the whole “Saturday morning breakfast” and the occasional “breakfast in bed”.  I hope to be half the woman my grandmother is.  I hope to be a good mom and bring wonderful children into this world.  People like my aunts, uncle & mom; who love the world they’re in, who love their family, their children.  Who teach me daily that I should put others before myself.


Just thougths that have brewed after my splendid breakfast.  They really were healthy too, cinnamon, wheat germ, wheat flour, etc…..


I love my grandma…:)


And can’t wait to make Brent breakfast in bed!!!!! 😉


~281 days~

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