Wedding Planning Weekend

We are doing tons of wedding planning this weekend.  Since our lives are so crazy during the week (work, school, school, did I mention school?) we reserve one Saturday a month to go crazy and plan for the wedding.  Seriously, I’m marrying my perfect match.  We haven’t fought about a single thing with the wedding (well, we’ve debated the alcohol at the reception thing…but it wasn’t a fight).  We’ve both been easy going and mostly just want to be married.  We don’t care if there are bows and ribbons draping from the ceiling, or perfect centerpieces…we just want eachother. 


That is weird for me.  All my life I’ve drempt of my “big day.”  You know, the flowers, the white, the bows, the music, the dresses, the food, the decorations, the candles, the everything.  Now, I am more concerned about living my life with Brent.  It’s weird.  I know I only get one wedding, but why should I spend 16 months (the length of our entire engagement) planning for that ONE day.  Instead, we’re taking about three days a month to plan that ONE day, the the other 28 days to plan for our marriage, which let me tell you is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  🙂


So…the wedding planning weekend.  Here is what we are going to do (yes, I’m making another list).  Hopefully, on Sunday I’ll be able to cross them all off!!


  • Cake tasting @ Thrush’s (where we’re getting the cake) – picking out flavors, size, style, etc.
  • Touring another hall (yes, we have our hall booked, but we found another one that will hold more people for half the price…closer to the church, and brand new.  We have 90 days to cancel our other hall, which is plenty of time).
  • Choosing music for ceremony and who to sing it
  • Purchasing the following: (along with a tote)
  • White candles to decorate (for unity candle)
  • Aisle runner
  • Last touches of centerpieces (some green cloth)
  • Cake Knife (we are debating this…is it necessary??)
  • Guest book / picture frame for guests to sign


  1. Oh the fun times of wedding planning. Ours planning went pretty well until the rehearsal night. At that point, we just didn’t care and didn’t want to make any decisions. Just tell me where to stand and go and read those vows already!!!! Good idea to plan for the marriage though because marriage is every second of everyday. I wish the planning days well.

  2. Ellie said

    i miss you!

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