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My mom and I started a work out together which we will do Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  It went pretty well.  After we did an ab work-out video, we walked on the treadmill/did the elliptical and talked.  It was really good to just talk to my mom, about everything.  We had a good time, while sweating and burning calories! 


And today, at the law school, they held a “kiss the pig” contest.  Students could donate money to a local humane society and whichever professor had $50 donated to thier name had to kiss the pig.  Well…the four professors that were willing to have money donated ALL had to kiss the pig!  Honestly, I felt badly for the pig.  It was a baby pig, and was squealing and trying to get out of its little cage.  One professor picked it up and the pig was NOT happy.  Poor little guy.  Thankfully, because of the professor’s sacrifice (or the pigs…) the students raised $300 for the humane society! 




This last one is my boss…haha!


School is out in less than a month…pretty stoked!


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