Six Years Ago (Yesterday) :)


Our First Date 🙂

Six years of dating, and he still gives me butterflies!



Reasons I know he’s the one:

After six years of dating, he still opens my car door.

After six years of dating, he has never once raised his voice at me.

After six years of dating, he still tells me he loves me like ten times a day.

After six years of dating, he still holds my hand.

After six years of dating, he still buys me flowers and writes me love notes.

After six years of dating, he is still my best friend.

After six years of dating, he  is actually excited to live with me.

After six years of dating, he loves my cooking (even if I KNOW it didn’t turn out right)

After six years of dating, he still takes me on romantic dates.

After six years of dating, he still tries to make my life better in any way he can.

After six years of dating, his hug is what I look forward to as soon as I get off work.

After six years of dating, my friends and family have fallen in love with him too 🙂

After six years of dating, I’ve seen him grow into the most compassionate, patient, loving man I know.

After six years of dating, he still wants to marry me!!!!




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Spring Break Isn’t Coming Fast Enough

I think that I should have given up complaining for lent, but then, what would I write about?  I’m getting so behind in school work simply because I just don’t care.  Terrible attitude, I know.  But seriously, as long as I graduate, I really don’t care about my grades.  I could get C’s in all my classes and still be above a 3.0.  So what’s to stress about?  WELL…I am stressing.  I feel like as soon as I get ahead in one class, I get behind in another, like I can’t catch up.  Quizzes, oral exams, poems, papers, short stories, online quizzes, yada yada ya.  I feel like I’m buried in papers and can only come out to breath when it’s time to eat. 


This morning, I walked three miles at the gym.  I didn’t read the latest gossip in Us, or People.  Instead, I read 75 pages of text for a class.  It was actually nice.  I didn’t notice how much I had walked, and I got school work done.  So, I burned over 300 calories reading :).


I also need to organize my notebook.  That is my big plan for tonight (after class, of course).  This way, I know what is in there, what I need to find and what I need to throw away.  Organization is important to me, so I need to get organized to make it through this week.


Next week is Spring Break, and I am purposely not going ANYWHERE.  I’ve never gone on a trip during Spring Break, and it didn’t seen necessary this semester either.  I mean, I can save money, not get plastered, therefore remember my break, get wedding planning done, and laundry, and hang out with friends.  I hope that it will be a relaxing time, and that I will get a lot done (and I’m not looking at school work one bit).




On another note, I went to the library last night.  I had to return a book, and I checked a few out as well.  February was missions month at church and I taught “facts” about Africa to the kids.  I decided that I want to learn more about Africa.  I took a course called “The Introduction to the African Experience” but I honestly didn’t get much out of it (that I can remember).  But teaching these kids really got me interested.  So, I’m starting with Angola.  I got two books out last night on Angola, and I’ll let you know soon how it goes.  Then, I will continue through the countries. 


Also at the library, I checked out a movie called “Super Size Me”.  Oh my goodness!  Brent and I watched it together last night, and then this morning my mom and I watched it again.  If you haven’t seen it, I advise you to see it.  It really opens your eyes to the disgustingness of fast food.  Parts of it are gross (he throws up, they show a gastric bypass surgery, etc).

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Is it enough for you? Is HE enough for you?

So yesterday we took communion in church and I really focused on prayer during this week.  I didn’t look around (I know, sometimes I’m guilty of not being focused), and I just prayed.  I prayed for direction, strength to get through this semester (because it’s killing me), for Brent and my relationship, for my family, for my friends, for our church, etc. 


And while I was praying my stomach was growling, like a lot!  And I cought myself thinking this “ug, I really wish that bread tasted better,” and “I wonder what I’m going to eat for lunch.”  Sad, I know.


But I remember this one time after Bible quiz practice, Grandma Jessie (a wonderful lady who use to help us, and bring us snacks) had a short communion time for us.  At that time we were studying about communion.  She had bread and grape juice for us.  When we were done, we were all like “okay, now what’s for snack?”  Then she asked us, “Isn’t that enough for you?  Isn’t Christ’s body and blood enough for you?”  We were all pretty shocked, and embarrased for wanting more. 


So I thought about this as the bread was coming around.  I asked myself if He is enough for me.  I found myself more focused, and more determined to pray.  It was a short time of closeness with God, and I thought I should share it.  Communion is an important time of reflection, repentence, and reverence to Christ and what he did for you. 


I encourage you, next time  you take communion, to ask youself: “Is this enough for me?  Is HE enough for me?”

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In an odd mood…

I think it’s the weather…and the fact that I am sipping on a Starbucks skinny iced vanilla latte.  I’m excited…about what?  I don’t really know.  I just finished reading “The Apology” by Stephen Dixon and “The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier.  Both very good stories.  I had to read them for class, however I’m really into these short stories.  I like reading them and get lots of ideas for personal stories as well.  Right now I’m working on a story based off my grandfathers life…but not exact.


This morning, after my personal training (still think my trainer is ca-razy, but she’s awesome, and I love her), I went home and my mommy saved all the coupons for me and so I clipped coupons.  I think everyone should do this.  If you get the paper, you should save them (and use them, Barb) :).  If you don’t get the paper, find a friend that does, or a grandparent or parent and steal there’s (okay, get their permission).  Anywho, I am a coupon FREAK.  I love saving money, and I save on average about $4 a shopping trip.  One time I saved $9!  It’s worth it.  All you have to do is cut them out.  I also have coupons for restaurants, dry cleaners, Bigby, etc.  Seriously, coupons are awesome.

Where was I going with that?…..Oh!  So there was this “Huggies” coupon, and at the top it had this picture, and I think I laughed for about five minutes…




How could you not laugh.  I think it’s hilarious.  Well I’ll stop being wired on caffeine and life, and stop writing.  Nothing new with wedding planning…though after this weekend I’ll fill you in on what else has been done.



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“Aaaas Yoooooou Wiiiiiissssshhhh”

Okay, you have ten seconds to name the movie…..


Did you get it?


Good job!


So I totally feel like the Bride in “The Princess Bride” (not completley, like I don’t sing and have birds fly to me, and I don’t have a maid that follows me around to make sure I don’t kiss Brent, OH, and my name isn’t Buttercup).  Okay, I’m not trying to be all cutesy,  corny, or annoying.  But I’m incredibly lucky to be marrying the man I am marrying. 


We just booked our honeymoon!  I’ve always pictured myself somewhere warm (or hot, since winter in Ohio seems like it’s all year around), somewhere with a beach, a nice hotel with room service, a balcony, little soaps and those towels that they fold into swans, elephants, etc….(okay, that part was a little cory).


So Brent did it!  We looked for a long time at where we would want to stay, and finally we decided on Marco Island, Florida!  Six days, five nights at The Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa!  That’s right baby…S-P-A!  🙂  We’re flying there, too!  Ahh…vacation with Brent!  I’ve gone on vacations with his family, and with my family, and we drove to Houston, TX three years ago together, but this is going to be amazingly wonderful.  I can’t wait!


I’ll leave you with some of my favorite  quotes  from “The Princess Bride” :

Vizzini: Jump in after her!
Inigo Montoya: I can’t swim
Fezzik: I only dog paddle.
Vizzini: AGGHH!


Miracle Max: You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.


Inigo Montoya: That Vizzini, he can *fuss*.
Fezzik: Fuss, fuss… I think he like to scream at *us*.
Inigo Montoya: Probably he means no *harm*.
Fezzik: He’s really very short on *charm*.
Inigo Montoya: You have a great gift for rhyme.
Fezzik: Yes, yes, some of the time.
Vizzini: Enough of that.
Inigo Montoya: Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?
Fezzik: If there are, we all be dead.
Vizzini: No more rhyming now, I mean it.
Fezzik: Anybody want a peanut?


Inigo Montoya: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


🙂  I’m going to go home and watch this!

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It’s Official.

This past weekend, Brent and I got our pictures taken for the church directory…..together!  That’s right, with the same last name!  🙂  Since we’ll be married in July, and  the directory won’t come out until March, we figured we might as well get them together!  That, and our church only does a directory like every ten years.  It’s a great picture.  We bought the proofs, so I’ll post the picture when I get it!  This was really the first thing to make it official.  I can’t wait to see the directories when they come out…yay!


I’ll post some more wedding/school stuff later.  Right now I’m studying for my Spanish Oral Test, writing a 20 page short story, reading Alice Munro’s “Open Secrets”, leaving comments on friends’ poems, organizing my school binder, trying to book Pampered Chef shows, and drinking lemon water.  YES, all at the same time.

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Things to look forward to!

I’m in one of  those moods today when I want to fill my calendar with fun events to make the time go faster and make it seem like school is flying by (although….it kind of is).  So I decided that I am going to plan great, exciting, fun, adventurous things to make the time pass by faster and to fill up my calendar.  Life is exciting (well today it is anyway, because tomorrow I have a paper due…lol)


Here’s what I plan on doing:


Two date nights a month with Brent (I’ve got a GREAT idea for when it gets warm out)

I’m walking the the March for Babies in April

Going to visit the Annie Oakley Museum with my mommy

Going to the scrap box in Ann Arbor with my mommy

One Wedding Planning Weekend a month

Once a week personal training (with my amazing trainer Marie)

Book as many Pampered Chef shows as possible

I’m planning a movie night for the girls in my family (something we do twice a year)

I want to go down to Columbus to visit my friend Hilary again

Try a Zumba class

Go to the Toledo Zoo

Read I & II Corinthians


Yay!  I’m so excited to accomplish my list.  I just think it’s fun to have things to look forward to.  It makes the week go by faster.  In fact, it just makes the time go by faster.  I’m especially looking forward to Spring!!!!!  No more snow!!!!!  🙂

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